His Mandate

Before man’s existence, when time was non-existent
There was the word, syllables that brought only life eternal
The word shaped the world, moulding in it every detail that is
And brought all that was not into what is
And though time began to exist, it existed outside time
Being eternal, forever binding and continuously creating

And through man’s fall, it lost power over this world
For all authority was given to he who fell
And with his fall, his power became the deceiver’s
The bond between the word and the created was broken
And he was bound by chains to the deceiver

But man cannot survive without the word
So on a tablet, ten laws were created
To keep man in check, so he is not completely lost
But man took the word and transformed it
Sculpting it to suit his lust and desires
Pulling out the words and justifying himself on technicalities

And God saw they were lost and falling deeper
Man was dying though he couldn’t feel it
But the love of the creator could not allow it
And his promises he could not forsake us 

instead of a flood, he sent his word to build a bridge
That connects us directly to the father
And this word that came as flesh was more than able
To restore man to what was originally intended
If only man would consciously accept it
And as it was from the beginning
The word was the only thing that could save us

Picture by even if ministries


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