The Scarlet Woman (2nd Edition)

I remember the first time I saw her
The scarlet woman
She was nothing like I had heard
She looked beautiful and cold
And wore her name with pride
I don’t know what I expected
Maybe I thought she would cower
Shudder at the glares people gave
Because I knew the cruelty of society
For my mother was at its center
Her words were like horse whips
Thin and yet causing much pain
And she did not spare the scarlet woman
She called her a stubborn wench
A disgrace to all that is proper
Maybe that’s why I need to see her
At first it was out of spite
But her steady eyes held my interest
I wanted to meet this woman of great courage
And I did
I needed to find courage like she had
And I was so sure that I needed her
But now I realize how much we needed each other
Maybe she more than me
I remember she stared at me incredulously
As I stuttered trying to explain why I hid in the bushes
Then she smiled
We became friends, true friends
For she was lonely and I was lonely
And together we sparked interesting conversations
But she said it must be a secret
For she would not allow by chances to be ruined she said
In time I learnt to disagree with her
Show my objections on certain opinions
But I never disagreed with her on that
Maybe I was a coward,
Maybe I wanted it to last forever
For a while she was invincible
The bravest person I ever met
And then she died
For the first time I saw how the years had dealt with her
She looked frail, cold and beautiful
And as I looked over the grave I made for her
I squeezed my brother’s hand for support
For in that moment I felt truly alone
And I wondered how I would survive
But I did, I survived
I had children and grand children
And I thought of her less
But these days I think of her often
Maybe its because im near death
So I have nothing to lose
So let me tell a tale
Of sweet, brave and stubborn ANNA
The scarlet woman


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