Heaven by V.C Andrews

V.C Andrews has a way she writes that leaves me a bit conflicted and disturbed. However her books are always well written with vivid phrases like “pondering the complexities of life’
HEAVEN is about Heaven-Leigh Casteel, a brave and beautiful girl beaten by circumstances not of her own making. She had been cheated out of a mother and father’s love so she lived her life to give love.
Being for others, first a sister, mother, friend, lover then companion, she had given much of herself. But life was not good to her, constantly planting all the love that she’s desperate for so close and then snatching it like it was a mirage.
Eventually she was plagued with guilt, shame, hate and self-loathe for all the things she did to keep the only love she felt she had
The only one who understood!!!
It broke my heart when she thought she lost it all, all the people she had loved and I am grateful to V.C Andrews for such an emotional read and for plunging her into another adventure.
Ps. I like how vivid the characters were, how they all can come to life in my head. But next week I’m picking a thriller, something mysterious. I considered the sequel but it’s too uncomfortable and the drama is getting to intense. I’m moving on
Please share your ideas of the book and you could request a book preview. I appreciate opinions, comments and likes

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