Casket of Flesh

I lay awake at night
Thinking, pensive
My mind wandering
To the bloodshed in battle
That continues to plague my mind
I should be asleep
But what is the certainty that I will wake
That would be more pleasing
Than reliving what my eyes have already seen
I am a youth
I am an old soul
One who has seen too much
Too much evil that it taints me
My cause seems meaningless now
For I am a pawn in the hands of men
Of this I’m sure
Maybe what I saw at war changed me
Or maybe it’s the apathy and strife
That welcomes me home
Home I remembered to be homely
Now encumbersome
And I see now the remains of war
The exchange of power hands
Forceful overthrow by greed
And the tricky nature of politics
Power struggle and strife
Should I think about these things
I can think of nothing but these things
So I think of my brothers
Sworn brothers, brothers in arms
We swore to come back together
Yet only few returned
Maybe I blame them
But of what use is it
Blame to a dead man
So I try to console myself
But I’m sad
What was once a small town in frankfurt
Is now a casket of flesh


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