Easter as told by Peter

From the moment his spirit came upon me
I understood his sacrifice, his words that were to be
His teachings I had heard I could now comprehend
Though my story began before, let me start from the end
From when his spirit came and tongues changed

To his ascension after his final instruction
And his promise of the unction to function
Three times he asked ‘Simon do you love me’
Three times I said ‘I love you ‘with glee
Three times he said ‘feed my sheep’

And before that was his resurrection
The sacrifice that brought to all redemption
A bridge to God to end all siege
That makes all wrongs like water under a bridge
And transforms our heart like Sam at hacksaw’s ridge

A clean slate, a choice, a chance to start over
To be free from guilt that always hovers
Three days, he died, rose and restored me
Three days to take the key that would set me free
Three days was all it took. Happy easter!!!




Picture  courtesy of : happyeasterbasket.com

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