Dead in the Water

I have only ever read one other Stuart Wood’s book and though I don’t remember it I remember I
liked it very much.
I loved how he potrayed the main protagonist (Stone Barrington) as a man with his troubles in some sense morally flawed. He still managed to quench our doubts about whether or not we liked the protagonist by giving his ex her own seemingly happy ending.
The story line was unexpected and mysterious and as each mystery unfolded, I found myself smiling
and thinking ‘ I wouldn’t have guessed that’. It was however not overdone and managed to link the story.
And the final confrontation with the hidden antagonist (Paul Manning) was epic and everything it should have been. It gave me so much pleasure to read. However, I did not like the relationship between Stone Barrington and Allison Manning, it seemed rushed, shallow and false.
All in all, it is a really good thriller if you are up for one .

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