Savour the Journey

I realized a few days back when I was in one of my sober reflection moods that every achievement/destination is anti-climatic. Nothing changes when you achieve what you’ve always wanted. You feel excited and accomplished for a moment and then blergh!!!
You don’t suddenly become this god or grow taller. I know there’s the achievement but there isn’t this great shift in the earth. I’m not trying to give the whole all is vanity speech (at least not now). It may be because there’s a new challenge because life is simply that, a series of challenges.
My point is it’s not the destination but the journey that matters. The people you meet, the ones you have to leave behind and the one that cause you to rethink or reshape your principles. What matters are the mistakes you make, disappointments, heartbreaks and frustration. The risks taken and the ones avoided. Momentary happiness and minutes of mischief. All of that whether good or bad is what makes life worth it. That journey and every unexpected turn or quirk is your story. The little decisions, mistakes and joys are what have shaped you to become who you are however strong, sad, bitter or happy. When you realise this, you should understand that you are in charge of your life. Whether you
choose to gain all you can from a bad experience and move on or you choose to just crumble and die.
You get to decide how you should feel when you get to wherever your destination is. People are too focused on the destination they forget to take advantage of the ride and all the
adventures along the way. So enjoy the journey while preparing for the destination.

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