Chaos of beauty

Written by: Duo Duo Wu

Translated by: xia0xiao1mei


This rant is about one of the Chinese novels I have been reading titled ‘chaos of beauty’ For the first time in my life, I wanted to be plain Jane and I was grateful I do not possesses what Chinese novels refer to as calamitous or peerless beauty. They would say fair skin as beautiful as jade with elegance and a noble air. It was about one such beauty and the chaos that seemed to follow her. Perhaps if she was shallow and in search of wealth or love, her life would have been different but she had character, depth and the ability to understand situations and define strategies. I loved her charisma and courage, maybe because reading the book gave me access to her reasoning. I understood why all the men who fell in love with her did. What I loved most of all about this story was the open ending. It gave my heart a shock but I’m grateful to the author for being merciful to my fragile heart and leaving snippets.

It is one of the most profound and beautiful stories that made me see beauty in a new light. For those unlike me that love intricate descriptions, it has lots of it with a couple of ballads.

In the end two quotes crossed my thoughts

1. beauty should only be give to a man who can protect it

2. in the end, beauty is chaotic



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