Imperial Interests

Recently I started reading English translations of Chinese novels and most times they are enjoyable, outrageous and some cause mild head aches because of how ridiculous their plot lines are. There are a few that stand out and force me to do more than relate. I read only historical fiction, fantasy, josei, wuxia. In short I love to read about empires, Kings, Princes, generals, nobles and peasants. It reaffirms my belief and decision to be unaffected by the beauty of power and imperial majesty.

I am most preferential to the stories about the imperial harem aka the back palace. It is in my opinion a fascinating place that is full of plots, hate, envy and the struggle for survival. It is always depicted as a battle ground. The weapons are underhanded trickery, influence with officials and the favor of the emperor. The strategies are endless. Some execute frontal attacks, bending everyone to their knees. Others bid their time playing dead but make use of opportunities to cut down viciously. There is no need for familial ties because hesitation may mean death so one must either seize power or hug a powerful thigh

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