Cause and effect

I realized that the reason why people love horror films is because of the thrill it brings, the adrenaline that pumps leading to the moment before someone dies or is captured. It’s the thrill they think is missing in their lives and so always comeback for more.
On the other hand people watch other genres of films mostly to get out of their head and delve into someone’s world. Where they can comment on whether it is worse off than theirs, where they can convince themselves they can make better decisions or imagine themselves in another world, another time, another life.
Except all of it is temporary. At least that’s why I did it
So here’s my advice;

find a cause
Let’s start off with a quote from Myles Munroe

If the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable’
In this case
‘If the purpose of a person is not known, abuse is inevitable’
God has designed a purpose for each one of us and until you discover it everything you do is pointless. So you should either be laying the foundation (making preparations) for the commencement and fulfillment of God’s purpose for your life or you should be walking the path already, discovering just how deep his plans for you are.
So when I say find a cause, I mean discover your purpose and live for it
‘Find a cause you could die for and live for it’
I realized in the shower that the reason why most bible-believing, faith working, god loving Christian men don’t cheat on their wives is because they are too busy trying to live for their causes. Because God’s purpose for a man lasts beyond a life time because with him there are always greater depths.
Theoretically, Christian marriages should be comprised of two people in love with God and with each other and so share with one another the blessings and burdens of their individual causes. Their challenges and frustrations should bring them closer to God and each other.
One of the things I love about Korean and Chinese historical dramas is the need for a cause to fight for. Most of the stories are about people united by one cause and are ready to live or die for it. Despite the fact that some of these causes are centered on the greed for power, it was a cause they considered dying for and that is what makes the cause valuable
‘Man gives value to his cause’

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