Rebirth: Chapter 44

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Chapter 44: training one’s body, unrequited love ah

(Part 1)

“I’m fine, just a little dizzy after the test.” The taut strings in Lu Anran’s heart finally completely relaxed after seeing Lu Anhu. A hundred days of interactions allowed Lu Anran to be used to Lu Anhu’s presence. Lu Anran trusted this ‘Little Big Brother’ who was of the same age as her and only older than her by three days.

“Let’s go home!” Lu Anhu supported Lu Anran’s arm, and left the classroom carrying Lu Anran’s satchel. Lu Anran was after all, a girl and had poor physique, during this period, Lu Anran was under quite a lot of mental stress, so having such reaction was normal, and would be recover after a few days of rest. “Anyway, there’s nothing on from tomorrow onwards, going for a jog with me sounds pretty good! Your constitution is too weak!”


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