A lesson

I have always known that death was a thief
A sneaky bastard that could creep up at any time
I try though, I try not to think so much of it
It would make me seem too listless and morbid
And besides it always seemed so far from me
Sometimes, I fancy myself aloof to the world
Resigned to the fact that life begins and ends
But today…

Today it was so close, too close and I was so afraid
Nothing flashed before my eyes, no scenes
There simply was no time for that or anything else
We were laughing and then we weren’t
I didn’t even have time to process what happened
I just knew I didn’t want to die atleast not then
Not soon

When It was all over, atleast I think it is
I sat on the lush grass trying to process it all
Trying to remember when it begun and ended
I laughed at the absurdity of my naive self
I’m merely mortal, who do I think I am
I have ambitions and fear death like any other
This was a lesson

Picture link: https://douggeiger.wordpress.com/2011/09/04/a-lesson-ive-learned-effective-lessons-learned/

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