I look out my window
I see the green leaves bowing to the wind
As it shakes it from its branch to its shoots
I can hear the birds chirping
Slowly it fades into a distance
Its like I’m focused on only me
Casting the consious as an extra

I’m hearing my whispers
Seeing my thoughts and imagination
Like images, they pass before me
Some of them sacred
Others cause me to gnash my teeth in anguish
All I see is real
The depth of poverty and ineptitude
Cruelty done to others too little to understand

And I weep
I want to pick my bow and string it
But I have no arrows
I want to lit fires at their evils
But I have no matches
So I return to weeping

Once again I forbid these images
Cast them to a time I can’t recall
But It would only be awhile
Till they summon me again
But before they do that I return
To what I know to be reality
Hoping they are trapped in a lock
One I wish I can control
Oh I hear it again
Birds chirping at a distance

Picture link: https://www.inquisitr.com/4882086/vitamin-b6-can-make-you-remember-your-dreams-boost-lucid-dreaming-to-help-deal-with-trauma/

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