Let’s start off with a quote
‘Be mad enough to make a difference’
-Ndidi Nwuneli
To revamp means to change, to alter and re-construct. I chose this word because the word change has recently been associated with empty promises made by one of the leading political parties in Nigeria.
While it is true that many people have identified the problem of Nigeria as incompetent leadership, lack of discipline and corruption. I however think its better not to cry over split milk.

I think it’s time to move forward and youth-led revolutions are just one way.
Sometimes we make the word ‘revolution’ seem ambiguous and out of reach however, provoking change does not require government to change or a change of government. It begins from making a personal decision to fight for a better Nigeria.
In reference to the quote at the beginning, it begins with a passion (a strong desire) to live in a better Nigeria.

It begins when you convince your friends that Nigeria is worth fighting for and the attitude of ‘letting sleeping dogs lie’ should not be tolerated. They say that children are the future of the nation and yet we let our generation waste away because it’s ‘not our problem’.

But it is
It is our problem
It’s our legacy to the next generation and we should use all we can and all we have been given by God to cause change around us.
I’m saying get involved in politics, speak, write and share opinions about what is being done and what should be done. Start a movement, sign-up with youth empowerment organizations. Because if we must cause a revolution, we should stand together.

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