Setting boundaries

A couple years back, I was privileged to participate in a six month internship in NPDC (Nigerian Petroleum Development Company) Benin, Nigeria. For two weeks I was at a gas plant in delta state. The gas plant  system was automated with a a lot of safeguards to prevent several potential hazards. Some include relief valves, bypass valves, indicators and alarms.
 An example is in the case of pressure build up which could lead to an explosion. There are pressure indicators that raise an alarm in the case of sudden pressure increase that can potentially cause damage. There are fail-safes like pressure relief valves and plant automatic shutdown to limit damage.
 Our lives like this gas plant should be governed by a set of principles. Should be within boundaries that remind us of who we are and who we hope to be. Setting up boundaries prevent you from compromising on values you wish to have.
 Self-preservation and continuance are human primal urges that determine a man’s actions. However, man’s search for the aforementioned is dependent on the principle that guides his life or the restriction and boundaries that he has set on himself.
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