Story of Yanxi Palace

While the world is focused on the sequel for Story of Yanxi palace or anticipating the beginning of the legend of Haolan; (a drama that would bring back some our beloved actors from Story of Yanxi palace like Wu Jin Yan and Nie Yuan); I have just finished all 70 episodes of Story of Yanxi palace.  I’m still raw with all the emotions it elicited in me, the joy, sadness and all that’s in between.

Image result for legend of hao lan
Released cover for Legend of Haolan

Although it was a bit rushed, the ending was beautiful and sad and I was in tears when Fuca Fuheng died. I appreciate the cast for this masterpiece. It has however ruined Chinese historical drama for me.

Where am I ever going to find another Chinese drama that I’m gonna love as much. Now almost every other one seems bland to me. I loved that the main character (MC) was not some white lotus that can do no wrong and the character was delivered so well that white lotus MC’s seem pretentious now. Apart from Ever night (currently airing on viki), I can’t find any other historical Chinese drama to watch.

My top 5 historical Chinese dramas

5. Princess Agents

Image result for princess agents

4. Nirvana in fire 2

Image result for nirvana in fire 2

3. Ever night

Image result for ever night drama

2. Story of Yanxi Palace

Image result for story of yanxi palace

1. Nirvana in fire 1

Image result for nirvana in fire 1

Please, I need recommendations!!!

PS. I don’t think my watching historical Chinese dramas is sustainable

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