Illusion Jibade’s POV

A little epilogue for unanswered questions

Chef or Shelf

My name is Jibade Johnson, and this is my account of how Uju
was rescued. I had been distracted for a bit these days.

Not because I wasn’t happy about Uju’s pregnancy, cause I was.

I just could not quite put my finger on it, but I was disturbed
about something, and it didn’t make any sense until I heard from James Bond.

He was investigating Irikefe, Uju’s husband. You may wonder why
his name is even on my list of suspects.

Truth is it was an afterthought. I can tell that he doesn’t
like me, but he’s too proud to have a fight with Uju over me because he’s sure
he’s better than me.

More superior in some way.

Turns out it’s worse than I thought.

Three days ago, James Bond called me to confirm if Uju told me
about what he found out about Irikefe. He had traveled…

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