Illusion pt. 1 (novelette)

Chef or Shelf

Everyone wants to be loved, to be cared for, to be special to someone and I am no exception. Perhaps even more so for me because of what I have experienced. A few years ago, I probably would never admit it. I would have said that I am merely rational, and the power of love is something fictional.

Not that I believe any different, I still don’t believe in true love’s kiss or soulmates and that love is enough for any relationship, but I agree that being loved feels good.

I grew up in what one would call a broken home. My father who was neither a good father nor husband left my mother for another. He wasn’t particularly bad, just a little too flirty and we never got along. Perhaps, guilt kept him from taking me away from my broken-hearted mother.

I never grew up thinking my parents were…

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