Illusion pt. 2 (novelette)

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Chef or Shelf

I know how this looks

I don’t snoop, I really don’t. I don’t check Kefe’s phone or messages, and I don’t believe he’s cheating on me. I trust my gut that much.

This was really an accident.

All I wanted was to get a little work done before I have to go into the office, and I just had to leave my laptop in the car. What can I say, its 3 am, and I’m definitely not thinking of going anywhere near the front door.

I guess I finally understand when they say curiosity killed the cat. I just wanted to check if Kefe got life insurance and how much it was worth. How could I have known he would save such a thing as insurance.

There were videos of men having sex with young girls who assumed different positions. Some of it was practically rape. At least that’s…

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