Illusion pt.4 (novelette)

Check out part 4 of my new serial novella

Chef or Shelf

Today is a good day, everything will be alright. I have nothing to worry about.

I chant to myself as I walk into my office because I want to believe it. My secretary Christina, efficient as always interrupts me with my schedule

“Ma’am, tea will be ready in a minute, all contracts to be reviewed before the 2 o’clock meeting have been placed on your table.

Pastor Daniel’s secretary called”

“What did he say”

“ He said he will see you on Sunday after the program on the condition that you attend the service”

“interesting, let him know I will attend and get all the details. Also, tell Demilade to come to my office in five minutes”

“Do we have a new case, ma’am?”

“Stop being nosy, Chris”

Demilade is our lead investigator and he’s also very efficient and discreet, so I figure he is the best person to handle…

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