Illusion pt.5 (novelette): Heart-Strings

Check out part 5 of my new serial novella

Chef or Shelf

It is the moment of truth.

Every time I reach for the envelope, my fingers cramp up. This is mostly because, whatever I find there could alter the relationship I have with Kefe.

What if its nothing ???

Maybe I should trust Kefe

After more than an hour of trying to work and failing, curiosity finally got the better of me.

It turns out, I was just paranoid.

The report showed pictures of Kefe either at work or at Chike’s hotel. Nothing shady or suspicious.

At least I can finally focus on other crucial matters.

I woke up early today, which is unusual for me because Sundays are my sleep-in days. I don’t want to fight today with Kefe. I just want to go to church and then to see Jidenna.

“ Babe, it’s so early, where are you going”

“ I didn’t want to disturb you, I’m going…

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