Illusion pt. 7: Confrontation

Check out part 7 of my new serial novella

Chef or Shelf

You know how everyone exaggerates when then say the world came crashing. Right now I’m not sure how much of an exaggeration it is. I feel like everything is falling apart and I can’t even reach out to catch any of the pieces.

What is going on here???

“Don’t jump to conclusion
Uju, slow down and take a breath” I try to assure myself over and over before I
actually have a panic attack, but nothing works.

I had to have been
sitting down for over three hours by the time Kefe came into the house.

Who is this man??

When I see his face, rage
burned through me, but I try to act natural, to be calm

That ended right after he
spoke to me and smiled at me with those eyes I thought were honest.

“Baby why are you sitting
here by yourself” I just couldn’t take it…

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