Illusion pt. 8: Finale

Check out the finale of my new serial novella ‘illusion’

Chef or Shelf

You should have seen my face when Kefe walked into the room. I looked at him smugly,

I was so pleased.

I knew that Jibade would come for me and he would understand
enough to bring help.

But now I understand
what it means to count your chickens before they are hatched.

He looked so furious, and after he slapped me, he threw a piece
of paper at me.

Correction, he threw the same piece of paper I had stuffed into
Christy’s bra. What happened?

How did it go wrong?

He laughed. It was the most arrogant laughter

“Uju, you are really stupid, Christy works for me. How else
would I be able to successfully take all your girls without you knowing about

“What do you mean Christy works for you, that’s impossible. I
vetted her “

“You mean, I vetted her for you.”

How could I have been…

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