Dara (Finale: Conclusion)

Definitely Fiction

I moved as far away from Kunle as I could manage.
If all she saw was the slap then that can be explained, but she was here before that…
When your friend catches you kissing her fiancé, there really are no explanations. At least any that make sense.
So how do you explain in that moment?
I can tell you from experience, all I felt was shame and self-disgust, and my mind kept whirling and trying to figure out how to fix this.
I really wanted the ground to open and swallow me or for me to faint and escape this moment
Mofe’s voice woke me from my reverie
“What is going on here?”
I rush to her.
I don’t know why.
What can I say? How do I explain this?
I try to hold her hand, but she snatches it back forcefully.
She looks so betrayed, and tears pool…

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