Dara (Part 3: Revelation)

Definitely Fiction

No matter how much my heart aches and I want to call him, I don’t
Because I remember that I promised myself to never be like my mother. Never stay with a man that hits a woman.
But why did he look so surprised?
I refuse to believe that she fell in the bathtub but what if that is the truth?
Am I just making a mountain out of a molehill?
But why would Mofe lie to me?
She really looked afraid of him.
I don’t know what to believe. I need to speak to Mofe again.
I drive back home.
I wanted to speak to Mofe immediately I got home but then I realized.
She never said he hit her, won’t she be suspicious if I keep asking questions.
What to do?
But Mofe is already asleep, she must be very tired and in pain. I tuck her in…

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