Red hat Club by Haywood Smith

Definitely Fiction

Written in 2004, it’s about friendship that lasts a lifetime and the binds that keep them that way.
Tradition, loyalty, rules, dinners, and secrets.
It’s about five middle-aged women, ‘Georgia, teeny, Susu, Diane, and Linda’ that have been friends for over 26 years In Atlanta. It shows their past, their present, and how they have been able to stay friends.
They have 12 traditions, my favorite is the 1st, then 3rd, and the 5th.
The first is the do-over rule- which is no matter how awkward or invasive or angry things get, anyone can request a do-over.
The 3rd is the No lies rule- you can decide not to tell, but no lies
The fifth is mind your own business.
These traditions help them be there for each other without being too invasive or coming on too strong. And their monthly lunch jokes were sometimes funny but mostly necessary to…

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